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This is a sample of some of the original worksheets, booklets, stationery, and other educational materials I designed while working as an assistant language teacher at Karyo Senior High School in Yamaguchi, Japan.

Working in a public school meant no design software, no budget, and very little time. Using just pen and paper, a copy machine, and common software like Microsoft Word, I was able to create educational materials that are cute, friendly, and practical. Well-designed materials make students more engaged and allow students and teachers to work more efficiently. For example, my original draft paper design is friendly for students to write on and for teachers to correct. <3

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Hello! I'm Dylan, and I make cute things for cute people.¹ I've been designing and developing websites, games, and other fun things on the computer since I was little. I love all things paper and digital, and I love combining the two to create new and interesting experiences. I earned my degree in Web and Multimedia Environments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am currently based in Tokyo.

  1. "Cute people" are people who aren't afraid to play, use their imagination, or try something silly. Cute people are often children but they can be any age. Anyone can be cute if they choose to be.

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