A paper-based game centered around a display in a public location. Users play the game by dropping their game card off at the display and picking it up the next day. Users receive small drawing tasks, such as drawing a plate of food for a picnic. They can get stickers and badges for completing tasks. Users’ drawings get added to the display overnight, and over time the display changes as a story unfolds, with the users’ drawings part of the story.

The fun of this game comes from making something and seeing your creation on display in public, and from being part of a story along with other players. Other fun elements include customizing your card with badges and stickers, the novelty of a paper-based interactive game, and the joy of sending and receiving mail in general.

This game serves as a prototype for a type of interactive experience that would be well suited for classrooms or any public place with regular visitors, such as a library. As the game is all paper-based, materials could be produced at low cost. Guests participating in the game would be encouraged to return to the public display location frequently to see the changes taking place. The same style of game could be adapted to many different themes.

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