Train Town

Play with a working system
of trains, tracks, & stations

Train Town is a digital toy that simulates a town with a working train system. The town is filled with hundreds of little business people, marching to and from work like ants. They're in a big hurry, so they'll catch a train if they think it will shorten their commute. Users can add and manipulate trains, stations, and houses and office buildings. As you change and play with the train system, some interesting patterns may emerge!


The software was written in Processing, and the assets were hand drawn to give the game a vibrant marker sketchbook look. <3

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Hello! I'm Dylan, and I make cute things for cute people.¹ I've been designing and developing websites, games, and other fun things on the computer since I was little. I love all things paper and digital, and I love combining the two to create new and interesting experiences. I earned my degree in Web and Multimedia Environments at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. I am currently based in Tokyo.

  1. "Cute people" are people who aren't afraid to play, use their imagination, or try something silly. Cute people are often children but they can be any age. Anyone can be cute if they choose to be.

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